In an air bubble…

After the court case I am now left in an air bubble, floating above ground, not quite sure on anything… :-S

I am suposed to be happy and feel free, I won the case? … But I don’t, I fel plain sadness deep inside me. My life was robbed away from me and I am suposed to know how to handle a life that most take for granted and have most their lives. I have to be honest I don’t know how to handle it.. But I have to find it out myslef and I don’t know how long time it takes, but is just have to take the time it takes and I can’t push it.

I know you want the best for me, and tell me to move along, but have you been in my shoes when you say that, have you had my life? … To get over 20 years is not done over night. … I am in treatment and get help as long as I have to be.

… On top of this I have to adjust to all my losses, now even the MS disease have robbed me the chanse to feel normal how it is to touch and be touched. I remember how it felt like in my mind, but now I can’t feel the same anymore..

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