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Legg igjen ett spor av at du har vært her og si gjerne noen ord om hva du synes om bloggen min

… Til deg som legger igjen mange lenker til andre sider og ender i spam kommentarene, du kaster bare bort tiden din. Finn noe annet å bruke din dyrebar tid på.

Ha en fin dag 😀

Leave a trace that you have been here, and feel free to leave some words of what you think about my blog

… For you whom it may consern and leave a lot of links to other pages, and ends in my spam comment box. You are just wasting your time, so just find something better to spend your valauble time on.

Have a nice day 😀


3 svar til Gjestebok – Guestbook

  1. plan b cost sier:

    I’m really loving the contents of your blog. Hopefully you keep posting regularly. Thanks.

  2. Duptuv sier:

    Appealing publish. You have an attention-grabbing assessment on this stuff in addition to I shall be subscribing to your rss feed as a consequence expect you will publish yet again shortly on similar subjects. But I am interested on what your piece ressources for the publish are? Thanks

    In conclusion , permit me thank you for your understanding with my English as (I am certain you have become aware this at this time ,), English is not my first language consequently I am using Google Translate to figure out how to write down what I truly wish to voice.

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