Still living alone

Who says someone has to be with someone? It’s great to be single too 🥰 I been alone for so many years now since 2007 around this time of year my ex husband and son moved back to England again. There been some online men trying get to me but no luck with me 🤣 I‘m done with men on the internet… They can try show up at my doorstep and hang out with me for real instead… Oh for the record I’m not a hotel but you find lots of hotels in my city to stay at while here. And book a date on my e-mail to make sure I am home 🤣

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Spleis til bok utgivelsen

Har nå opprettet spleis for å få utgitt boka jeg jobber med, Den er kommet godt på vei. Flere bilder som skal med jobbes det å få tak i. Jeg har gitt meg selv tid til at jeg skal være ferdig med boken innen slutten av Januar 2023.

Tusen takk for all støtte ❤

Overskuddet fra innsamlingen skal gå til Stine Sofies Stiftelse ❤

Forografen fant ett av bildene jeg er på jakt etter ❤️ Det nærmer seg…

Jeg har noen som leser for meg det jeg har skrevet så langt og får fortløpende tilbakemeldinger.

Her kommer et lite sitat fra boka:

«Jeg gikk ofte med plaster på ulike plasser grunnet gnisninger på vegg til vegg teppet under overgrepene som etterlot seg brannsår og av å til blødende åpne sår».

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My book

I have found back to the book I am writing from the abuses I endured growing up. I started on it 2016 while living in Førde. I left it on my laptop from 2017 and until two weeks ago. I had already written most of it so been adding some more chapters and edited some of what was written. It is starting to look like a book now. I am getting excited to get it published. But same time it makes me feel angry about what I have written. My true story…

I also found the other two books I am already published in, “Silent No More” and “Growing Stronger Growing Free” both books by main author Kate Swift. It is books with many survivors of sexual abuse men and women published. You may still buy them at amazon.

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Brad Paisley Trondheim 2022

Finally I get myself around to write about the amazing concert with Brad and the other performers at Festningen 24th July 😀

I first ate Pizza and enjoyed a pint of coke then strolled over to the stage area and just a few minutes later it all started 😀

Scott Scovill was all new to me never heard of before but he was awesome! Listen on Spotify or Youtube

Spinning Wheels was awesome too I hadn’t heard of them before either! They are from Norway 🙂 Listen on Spotify or Youtube

Morgan Evans was simply awesome too 😀 Listen on Spotify or Youtube

Bigbang a Norwegian rock band. Not quite my taste, but they were alright 🙂 Listen on Spotify or Youtube

Brad was the best of course 😀 Sara Werenfels was lucky to sing Whiskey Lullaby with him too 😀 And a boy named Mads was given a signed guitar 😀

Thank you so much to everyone for an awesome evening 😀

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I am tired of scammers that keep popping up when I comment or like anything on celebrities pages on social media. They pop up in masses 10 plus accounts each time. I don’t reply any of them so sorry if it really is you the celebrity that have messaged me. Don’t mean to be rude, just had enough of it. Time is precious so spend it wisely. You can always find my number on website call and talk live if really interested to talk with me. I have iphone so facetime works. Even better come to Trondheim Norway and visit me 🙂

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Always loved walking…

I have always loved walking since I was a little girl. Hiking in the nature I love the most. Be it mountains, hills or along the seaside ❤ But I don’t mind walking in the city too.

This weekend I went on a hike with my best friend and her family in the mountains 🙂

This week I also walked to the city two days in a row.

I’m heading out for a walk in the rain now…

If any man is seriously interested in me come to Trondheim Norway and go for a walk with me 🙂

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My name day & birthday…

Yesterday I celebrated my name day Jane Helen and late 42nd birthday 😀

I went to cinema and watched Top Gun Maverick. Awesome movie! And ate dinner at Burger King. I just relaxed at home rest of the day. I was alone all day 🙂 Will go out for dinner with my best friend and her family today 🙂

Thank you so much for all the love and care I got for my day ❤ I appreciate you ❤

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Life isn’t perfect, just as good as it gets 🥰 

Enjoy it while you can 🥰 ❤️

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New memories from from my childhood…

Lately I have had a couple episodes of new memories from my childhood. More like survivor skills.

I remember going a lot outdoors to escape the abuse. I walked to a spot in the hills near the farm. Sometimes I picked flowers and sometimes I just sat and embraced the scenery of the beautiful nature. In the autumn I picked wild berries and enjoyed eating. I enjoyed walking watching the stars in the autumn, winter and spring months. In the summer the stars are gone from the sky here.

I also remember me finding spots to sleep outdoors. Even in the winter time I did do that. Put on a snowsuit and made a bed with walls so the cold wind wouldn’t get to me. I remember waking up freezing and went back into bed.. In the summertime it was easier, I even found spots to sleep in daytime outdoors. Just waking up with lot of bug bites..

I also spent a lot of time in the barn when my parents were there in the evenings. Jumped in the hay, slept there too. Watched the mice run around and the cat catching some of them. I remember catching a mouse in a bucket and saw it run around in circles, lol. I let it loose again. I remember playing with the crane where my father used to bring brown grass to the cattle. One time he shut off the power off it and the lights and I was high in the air.. I got down under it and let go maybe 3-4 meters down to the bottom of the silo. I found the ladder and got out and found my way out in the dark.

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My MS Symptoms…

The things you can not see:

– dizziness

– pain in my left hand

– struggle with concentration

– struggle keeping up with conversations when people talk

– numbness

The things you can see:

– unsteady balance sometimes

– wet my pants sometimes, also through my jeans

– loosing grips of things mostly left hand

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