Plan is to soon leaving Norway…

And as you see I am also turning my blog all into english. I won’t go back here when I have left… I will miss some people and some food, but most of all my time with my son here ❤

I wonder if Norway is gonna miss having me here? …

It hurst real bad to feel that my countrys laws are kicking me out of here… Why do governments and lawsystem think it should be okay to deprive ones human dignity and human rights get violated? …. Maybe I should taken it to the human rights court?  But I have allready spent 6 years trying change the law for nothing… It is changed some, but doesen’t matter for me… You who need it and get use for it you are most welcome for my hard work. (As long as they pass it through, that lawchange is in prosess…) – You will be given oportunity to get restraint orders more than one year, and when it is breached they get a footalarm. So I hope it was worth it for you ❤


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The Story About My Rolling Pin

I carried it in my handbag Jan 2010 – Jan 2014.

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Emptying out the apartment…

It has come closer to a leaving date and leaving Norway… It is kind of sad seeing all my stuff go, but I can’t bring it with me where I am going. Just a few things will come along.

Furniture with memories from a time when I went to high school and all I had was a stone as hammer and a few screwdrivers to put it together. Christmas decorations, books, games, CDs, sleeping bags with many camps and sleepovers, tea, cups, serving plates ,teddybears etc… It got really empty seeing the TV go, but I don’t really miss it. I have Netflix on PC. Kind of getting back the idea I had at college NOT having TV but I had to get one when Sept 11 happend and the world was falling apart… I dont think the world will fall more apart now, I haven’t really watched any TV programs the last couple of years anyway. I used to follow MGP, and other music program. I now read news online if nessesarry.

I look forward to a new life on the other side of the big Atlantic and to be with the worlds best man ❤

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(Picture will come here…)

Saturday I went kayking with my MS friends. I had done it before and went infront, but not so smart cause then I was set as example. I did it it all the way cause I ended up have a rollaround aswell, haha 😀 So now I have done that too 😀 Next mission let lightning hit me…. I seem to have better luck winning all the life lotteries so why not :-O

We barbequed later and had a lovely time. Blue sky and sunshine, couldnt been any better 🙂

… I with my stuborness I just had to keep my boots and hat on out there on the sea. So I been trying to rinse the seawater out of them. The hat smelled like it had a short circuit like burnt wires. Must been the salt reacting to the metalics on the hat causing the smell? I thought I had spilled something on the floor because of the smell and cleaned my floors…  It did still stink so I had to figure it out what it was in the end. I been drying out my boots with hairdryer. Lets say not recommended taking boots on in kayak, barefeet or shoes that floats more as a better option.

Oh yeah I also got my phone tested for waterproofness. It survived the rollaround in my raintrousers pockets. Had to use the hairdryer on that too, still works fine.

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Our Enviroment

Here’s the poem that was hung in the hallway of my primary school. I had an early sence for more than myself and the things that surrounded me. Lol, as you can see I even got censored for using the word «loo» in it 😀 Haha… Long live freedom of speech! Someone in my class that was better at drawing and coloring than me made this poster 🙂

… I guess it must been all the mess that came washed up along the coast and in the nature that we had to go pick up at school that made me come up with these thoughts.


Our Enviroment

Crap and yuck  what a mess

the world is all just a junk

When did we begin to think

so we could let us lower


When we go to the loo

we think ourself at peace

Think for yourself the world big and massively

how long do we get to stay here?!

Janne Helen 1991/ 92

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Miljøet Vårt

Her er ett dikt som ble hengende på gangen på barneskolen jeg gikk på. Jeg hadde tidlig sansen for mer enn meg selv og det som var rundt meg. Lol, jeg ble sensurert for å ha brukt ordet «do» i diktet mitt som dere kan se 😀 Haha… Ytringsfriheten lenge leve! Ei i klassen som var bedre til å tegne og fargelegge enn meg laget denne plakaten 🙂

… Det må ha vært alt rotet som ble skylt iland langs kysten og som lå i naturen som vi på skolen måtte være med å plukke opp som fikk meg på disse tankene.


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You Are Strong Enough

I can’t take your pain

but I can be here for you

You are not alone

believe in yourself and

the truth as you know it

Rest upon your own heart

you don’t need anyone else

to carry the burden

because you are strong enough

Janne Helen 2010

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