Time is Precious

Time is the most precious thing we got so spend it wisely 🥰

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Snakk om kontaktforbud/besøksforbud

Jeg ble kjempeglad for at justisminister Monica Mæland har tatt tak i saken at voldsutøvere og overgripere skal få evig kontaktforbud. Jeg ønsker at flere politikere tar tak i saken og snakker om det og får det vedtatt raskest mulig. Flere tror jo at besøskforbud er evig allerede, men det er det ikke. Forskjellen på kontaktforbud og besøksforbud er: Kontaktforbud er noe retten ilegger en og varer inntil 5 år. Besøksforbud blir utstedt av politiet og varer opptil ett år av gangen. Begge kan man søke om forlengelse.

Kan lese mer om saken her: https://www.vg.no/nyheter/innenriks/i/R97Jn8/maeland-vil-gi-voldsdoemte-evig-kontaktforbud

Hvorfor skal en voldsutøver eller overgriper ha en rett å ta kontakt eller oppsøke en igjen?

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Out walking in the cold…

It’s winter and I am still up for a walk every day. Making sure I take at least 10000 step each day. It’s been freezing cold down to minus 14 Celsius or 7 Farenheit. I am wearing a cap instead of my cowgirl hat to cover my ears in the cold.

I am going to update you on my diagnosis. I was on meds for paranoid psychosis but I decided to stop taking them in December. Not a smart move hearing voices came back so I started back on the meds a week later again. Got to know how well medicine works. No voices anymore, only my foolish brain thinking too much.

I still struggle with dizziness when out walking. Feels like being out at sea all the time. Sometimes I am dizzy even sitting still and laying down in bed. I wish it could be something that can be treated.

Stable 10000 steps a day 🙂

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My yearly ME time day

Today I have spent a whole day on ME. Staying away from social media and not reading news. Not interact with any people. Just thought about myself. It’s peaceful and well needed time. Everyone should try that. I do this every year on 16th January. For you who know me well it is my birthday, but I don’t celebrate it until June 21st along with my name day for Jane Helen. What I been doing today is my secret and not for everyone to know.

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Love someone while you can…

Love someone while you can ❤

Write to someone ❤

Call and talk with someone ❤

Best of all go see someone ❤

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Happy and in love…

I just want to share this secret with my readers. I am single, but I have someone I have been in love with for more than 25 years now. Who you may want to ask, but that will remain my secret. He is a very good man and do wonderful things for this world we are living in. He makes me happy without knowing it himself.

I wish for you my reader that you have someone or something to love and help you get through the days. That you are happy for maybe just a moment each day. I know how rough life can be with ups and downs.

(((((Hugs)))) and love ❤

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Happy New Year 2021

Wishing you a Happy New Year 2021 ❤

May this year become the best year yet for all 🙂

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My home made Pizza

I seem to have forgotten share my Pizza recipe with my english readers so here it comes. It’s more than 27 years ago now that I learend how to make it. It became one of the goodies my friends asked to get everytime they came around for a party or just for a visit, like it was on order.

I have my own “little” secrets to get the perfect taste, and it’s the taste that makes it good. Not the right composition and all gets wrong down to each detail. I have decided to share these secret so you can make it on your own for your own enjoyment.

I have to say a big thank you to my cooking teacher at junior high school for the recipe, but I have added my own little secrets that makes it extra good.

Jane Helen’s Pizza

The dough:
6 1/2 dl wheat flour (just add more to the dough so it get smooth not sticky)
1 teaspon salt
2 1/2 dl water
25 gram fresh yeast (dry yeast don’t give same result)
2 table spoon Mills soyabean oil (in original recipe it is only 1 table spoon but I use two for the good taste)

Mix the dry ingredients, heat the water to around 37 celsius and dilute the yeast and pour into the bowl, add the soyabean oil and mix the dough. Let it stand for an hour ish to let the dough rises.

400-500 grams of Minced meat (Gilde Norwegian brand) Shop in pieces in pan
1 box pineapple preferably the brand Dole chop in pieces
1 Red paprika chop in pices

Starland tomato puree at bottom on the dough then add meat, pineapple, paprika and cheese on top lots of it (preferably Norvegia)

Put the cooker on 225 Celius and bake the pizza at the bottom of the oven for 20-25 min so the crust gets cooked the best way. Mmmm… now enjoy it your way too, good luck cooking

Some pictures:

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Happy Holidays

I have celebrated Christmas at my neighbors so far. Dinner yesterday and cookies and chocolates today. I received some lovely presents to enjoy over the coming years. Some will be eaten, some to wear and some just decoration.

Wish for all a peaceful holidays season ❤

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Want to move to Nashville

I am tired of living with the restraining law and have to take my precautions every other Monday still when he is allowed to my city through work. I am playing the lottery and hope to win so I can move to Nashville. I really enjoyed my time there. I liked the food and the chance to enjoy live country music at the bars.

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