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My name is actually Jane Helen, officially changed 23rd March 2018. And I would like you to use both names when you speak and write to me. If you only use one of the names then it isn’t sure you will get an answer back in the future. Thank you ❤

I’m 42 years old, divorced and have a 17 year old son that lives with his father in England.

I celebrate my name day 21st of June, that mean for Jane Helen. (Jane has 21st of July and Helen has 21st of May, so they meet in the middle in June 🙂 … When it comes to gifts erm, I don’t want or need any things I would instead appreciate you spending time with me and having a blast of a party or a talk on the phone 🙂 For you who know when my date of birth is, I do NOT want any attention on this day, I want it dead and buried.

I’m single

I’ve been been sexualy abused by my 6 year older sibling from I was 4 to 23 years old… I’ve been fighting to get believed in since I was 4-5 years old by family and others.

I constantly feel light depressed, and have been diagnosed with dysthymia. I got this from that court psyciatrist. I also have PTSD, complete and complicated :-S

Have been in the court twice and he was sentenced to 2 yrs in prison, and 6 mnts on 2 yrs probation. He even appealed against his own confession??? Even more stupid the court allowed to take the case on a second round.. I still feel it very BAD that he got lousy 2 yrs in prison out of 15 years possible??? Something is very wrong with the Norwegian law system..

I have been two times at 10 weeks therapy program for Traumatized sexual abused people at Betania Malvik. It was though and very painful, but will be well worth it in the long run ❤

I’ve also been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 14 years ago. It’s also a learning prosess to adapt to another challenge in life… Got an attack in November 2010. Started taking medications in May 2011, but stopped in June 2011 after got struck out by traumatic scenes from the abuse in my childhood. Started taking once a month in hospital treatment in November 2011. I had to stop medicines in hospital autumn 2013 and got pills instead. Spring 2014 I got an attack again and lost my voice and then started treatment with medicines in hospital again June same year. I got off the meds in hospital autumn 2017. I got pills and still taking in April 2018. Read more about the disease here.


Strong Enough

If you were to be mine
you have to be
strong enough
To stand
beside me

If you were to be mine
you have to be
strong enough
To believe
what I have to say

If you were to be mine
you have to be
strong enough
To handle
the truth
about my life

If you were to be mine
you have to be
strong enough
To be there

If you were to be mine
you have to be
strong enough

Jane Helen Tømmervåg

Original “Sterk Nok” 27.01.2010

I don’t want your sympathy, not your comfort, not your money, but only that you can take me as I am and have become because of everything. Is it too much for you?


This is the little cowgirl at age 2 yrs.


Me aged 40

On my graduation card at highschool back in 2000 I had this life motto: “Live for today, learn from yesterday and let tomorrow be a good day”. (I didn’t know about Einsteins version until many years later…)

E-mail me at: janehelen1980@hotmail.com

Phone number and address is found on http://www.1881.no

PayPal Me here: paypal.me/JaneHelen1980


Didn’t really wanted to write this online, but since I keep on moving around people can know My Wish when I die: Spread my ashes in the sea, I have papers that I legally can be spread in the sea outside the Atlantic Road somewhere, there’s even a map for the spot ❤ Thanks to all the ….. I desided to at least have a right to be burried and forgotten, no stone to take up space or waste money on a crowded planet ❤ If you want to raise any money give them to kids in need ❤ I rather have you happy and singing and enjoying life than running to the sea and missing me 😀

3 Responses to About Me

  1. Sameer Khan says:

    Hi janne Helen, i felt so sorry to read more about your life. I can see the pains you have gone through in life. May God bless you and make the rest of your life a living heaven. Wish you all the best. Sameer.

  2. J says:

    HI Love u mum

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