Garfield – The coolest cat in the world 😀 My best friend after my son ❤

Male Survivor – Men gets abused too, here is a website for boys – men survivours of sexual abuse.

Multiple Sclerosis – Information for people living with the disease and for those who wants to know about it.

Parents Protect – Child sexual abuse, help, advice, information and prevention. UK.

Points With Purpose – Forum for survivours and suporters. David Ilan is making a dot to complete a picture for each member. Survivour and suporter are marked different in the picture. Go get your dot for the cause you too ❤

SEES Candies – Yummy chocolates and other sweets! Dangerly delicious ❤ I have been watching them online since I started getting e-mails 8 – 9 years ago… I first tasted them in 1996, ever since wanted to taste them again. Sometimes you just have to watch and don’t touch…

Visit Norway – Discover Norway and it’s tourist attractions and find new ways to see a country that you haven’t even thought of before.


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