50000 Children

Wednesday event, my speech and the candle burning came to a hault when only a few turned up to show their suport. But we did come together in front of the poster and hung the hearts with our names on it. I did manage to say a few words to the people who came, but not the written speech. I have sendt it to the news paper and hope it will be printed, just a littlebit rewritten.

I hope I have managed to cause awarness and made people think about this hughe problem amongst us. I hope to do more of these events in the future. These children will not be forgotten. Lets prevent it from happen, if we all dare to do our part by talking and see these children ❤

Thank you for attending wednesday and for writing your names on the poster ❤ It is all for the abused children in Norway ❤

(I will post the speech when it has been published in the newspaper).

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