Crazy Impostors on Twitter

I don’t know how many people there is that pretend to be someone else, but there is a lot of them on Twitter. I don’t know what they want to achieve from their victims other than to lead them to believe they are in love with them and some lure them from money.

I don’t have a lot of followers on Twitter only around 150. Out of them I have some celebrities like Nicolas Cage, Thomas Rhett, Alan Jackson, Keanu Reeves and lots of Kenny Chesney profiles. I have talked with some of them, some have asked for get them iTunes cards. Some have used poorly photo shopped pictures and I know they are an impostor. I find it sad and a little frustrating people go the length to lure people for money and worst of all lure them emotionally. Actually I drives me a little mad because the celebrities have worked so hard to get where they are.

Twitter is broken for my part I won’t answer back to any celebrities through there anymore. If so any celebrity would like to talk with me a small nobody from Norway they need to find another way to get to me.

About Jane Helen

40 year old and single. Have a 15 yr old son that live in England with his father and family there. Got MS and PTSD.
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