The Future – I Survived

The future is here it is now. I used to tell myself that the future will be better. The abuse would stopped, he wouldn’t be around me or near me to harm me anymore. He still is out there, but not near me. But because of what he did and know how he used to be I will never know if he can show up again. Where is the guarantee he stays away? Just because he been to prison for a short time doesn’t mean he has change neither the years passing by. I will never trust in that he will stay away with me living in Norway, I have to move away somewhere far away from here.

I can say I survived and itself that is enough to have accomplished in life. Years of torture and abuse and keeping a secret or trying to tell the secret but no one reacted in a way it ended earlier. Not until I went to the police and finally got their attention to get him sentenced. I got believed in and that was my goal. The better future and hopefully an end to the abuse. Being a survivor mean able to talk about it as something that belongs in the past, and people accept it as my story. He did some horrible shocking things to my body and mind, but I survived it. Now I am just trying living my life as best as I can with damages done. Scarred for life, but doing alright.

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About Jane Helen

40 year old and single. Have a 15 yr old son that live in England with his father and family there. Got MS and PTSD.
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