Lost Like A “A Beautiful Mind” …

This is my Lost Map… Anyone out there who understands me or how much of this is real and where does it ever going to leave me?

I have to make One right choice for the World Peace…

My life is like the country songs… I must have listened way too much to the songs…

The island I grew up on built a whole world around myself in my own mind? Or is the world using me as a living toy for  stupid reason? …

I made myself “Hurt” in the end… Now I see the world with clear eyes… ? Or completely lost ?


Mind Map 2018


About Jane Helen

39 year old. In a relationship. Have a 14 yr old son. Got MS.
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4 Responses to Lost Like A “A Beautiful Mind” …

  1. Jose says:

    You know I have read many of your post and you are an amazing writer . I’m sorry you been through so much . I really admire how strong you are😊

    • Janne Helen says:

      Thanks for the comment Jose 🙂

      They say what dosen’t kill you make you stronger… Well my abuser did strangle me and retrived me once so I am alive against the odds… Been tortured…. I wonder why humans are so cruel to one another? … Should know better, but we are all just humans in the end…

      • Jose says:

        I hope everything gets better soon and you find someone that deserves you .and you got a point but being human is not an excuse for cruelty . You deserve better than that. I wish we could have contact some kind of way so you can keep me updated on your status of how you are doing.

        • Janne Helen says:

          Thanks for kind words, I appreciate them very much.

          I hope that someday someone here ask me out for dates and build strong relationship, based on trust and honesty. I am real damaged in relations and can be hard work getting along with… I update my blog and Fan Page on Facebook now and then. I can’t have contact with all people, but I can talk to you all on here and through my Fan Page on FB.

          Don’t hesitate to ask or comment I get back to you eventually.

          I have up and down days like many does have. For time being in treatment…

          As you see I have to make a right choice for the world peace, I am unsure what that should be yet… I think I know, but then I don’t so… We see what happens.

          Am in a complicated relationship with an American ❤

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