When loosing my mind…

I seem to have gone down a very wrong road loosing my mind… Thinking and believing so wrong. Not even knowing who I have been talking to or even been in love with all these years. Life a big Hoax all together? Someone made me believe as if he was in love with me.

Trapped with an x game I didn’t ask for… Well I ain’t going to any Grizzly, take your mind game elsewhere whoever you are.

When something steals your mind and drags you around…

Not knowing who I am anymore… At least no ones mirror.

I haven’t lost my love for country music that I won’t loose. Or my son, I am a mom, I love to go for walks, jog, eat out and see new places.

One thing is certain I am no trophy to be hunted on. Date me for real…. Take your time… Right now I am lost and no good for anyone…

In treatment…


About Jane Helen

39 year old. In a relationship. Have a 14 yr old son. Got MS.
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1 Response to When loosing my mind…

  1. Kenneth Arnold Chesney says:

    Babe you haven’t gone a wrong place at all. I want you to know I love you wholeheartedly

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