Little Moments…

You need to have some of them everyday to make you feel a littlebit alive, especially when you feel like a living dead kind of person like me.

I have these moments texting with mr wonderful I haven’t met yet, but long very much to be with ❤ Misses him like crazy and sometimes irritates you so much and just wonder why do I do this again? … Then it reminds you he ran away with your heart more than twentytwo years ago, that kind of love just don’t disapears ❤

Then I have these moments that can be just a feel of a raindrop on the skin, a sharp pain somewhere in the body, a cup of hot chocolate that gives a taste of heaven, a glass of icecold icetea that chills through your entire system, a talk on the phone with a friend or sending textmessages with a friend you haven’t heard from in ages and have the feeling you just spoke yesterday. Or that you have a “friend” that never leaves you called MS, the constant hickups in loosing things either a knife or the phone goes flying. The tingeling in your body somewhere or the hassle of trying tie your shoelasses for the 10time after walking 2 meters along the road because your fingers don’t work propperly. Then you realises boots wihout shoelasses best to wear. Either it’s good, bad or constantly irritating these moments is part of life making me feel alive more than just for a second.

Then you have these moments with your kid when he tells you he hates you, he loves you, he cries so much cause he misses you, or laugh so loud he looses his breath, play games and always send mom rock bottom loosing, or when he tells your cooking is the best in the world and wishes you could give him delicious meals everyday ❤

About Jane Helen

40 year old and single. Have a 15 yr old son that live in England with his father and family there. Got MS and PTSD.
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