Plan is to soon leaving Norway…

And as you see I am also turning my blog all into english. I won’t go back here when I have left… I will miss some people and some food, but most of all my time with my son here ❤

I wonder if Norway is gonna miss having me here? …

It hurst real bad to feel that my countrys laws are kicking me out of here… Why do governments and lawsystem think it should be okay to deprive ones human dignity and human rights get violated? …. Maybe I should taken it to the human rights court?  But I have allready spent 6 years trying change the law for nothing… It is changed some, but doesen’t matter for me… You who need it and get use for it you are most welcome for my hard work. (As long as they pass it through, that lawchange is in prosess…) – You will be given oportunity to get restraint orders more than one year, and when it is breached they get a footalarm. So I hope it was worth it for you ❤


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