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Saturday I went kayking with my MS friends. I had done it before and went infront, but not so smart cause then I was set as example. I did it it all the way cause I ended up have a rollaround aswell, haha 😀 So now I have done that too 😀 Next mission let lightning hit me…. I seem to have better luck winning all the life lotteries so why not :-O

We barbequed later and had a lovely time. Blue sky and sunshine, couldnt been any better 🙂

… I with my stuborness I just had to keep my boots and hat on out there on the sea. So I been trying to rinse the seawater out of them. The hat smelled like it had a short circuit like burnt wires. Must been the salt reacting to the metalics on the hat causing the smell? I thought I had spilled something on the floor because of the smell and cleaned my floors…  It did still stink so I had to figure it out what it was in the end. I been drying out my boots with hairdryer. Lets say not recommended taking boots on in kayak, barefeet or shoes that floats more as a better option.

Oh yeah I also got my phone tested for waterproofness. It survived the rollaround in my raintrousers pockets. Had to use the hairdryer on that too, still works fine.

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