Our Enviroment

Here’s the poem that was hung in the hallway of my primary school. I had an early sence for more than myself and the things that surrounded me. Lol, as you can see I even got censored for using the word «loo» in it 😀 Haha… Long live freedom of speech! Someone in my class that was better at drawing and coloring than me made this poster 🙂

… I guess it must been all the mess that came washed up along the coast and in the nature that we had to go pick up at school that made me come up with these thoughts.


Our Enviroment

Crap and yuck  what a mess

the world is all just a junk

When did we begin to think

so we could let us lower


When we go to the loo

we think ourself at peace

Think for yourself the world big and massively

how long do we get to stay here?!

Janne Helen 1991/ 92

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