Congratulations to the Norwegian justice system


The appeal to the highcourt was rejected before it was taken in, beacuse they saw it themself it would not lead anywhere. So the verdict from the court of Appeal is standing. The selfcontradicting verdict that says he has a right to offend and terrorise my peace and conduct.

Congratulations with the decision!

Are you capable seeing the case from the outside and see what you are doing? It isn’t only my life that is being tampered with and you send people out as refugees either Norway or around the World. People I meet says it is wrong and even laywers agree in the case. Most people give up, but I am at least telling so you have the oportunity to make changes and take the responsibility, Good luck to The government 2017-2021! I will be following you from abroad somewhere. You can send and invite and I will come speak with you personally in the capitol. … Or you can ask me for a meeting before I am moving…

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