You should know…

You shouldn’t like my story that isn’t why I tell it either. But it is mine and it is my truth. You can’t rewrite it or make it to something you might like more. You don’t have to fix me either. I have learned to live with as I have become because of it and my entire life so far.

When you get angry because I am telling, get angry at the abuser and they who let me down and not me.

Acording to the UN there is 300 million children in this world who every year experience stories as mine, sexual abuse in diferent seriusness. Some die during the abuse, some because of the damages, some because they can’t cope living with what have happend to them, some end up using drugs or alcohol, some ends up within the psyciatric treatment network for life, some goes in and out of the psyciatric treatment, others learn to live with it, others again gets a fullworth life to live, but we are all so diferent with our damages after sexual abuse.

But I am still wondering how the world society and the Norwegian laws handles such stories and safeguards those affected by it. One tampers with the human dignity to aggrieved in such cases, at least in Norway. And created a human right that it is allowed to terrorise and offend a humans peace and conduct. Even though there is a law that says one hasn’t such right, so the Norwegian laws are in practice contradicting themself and have done long before my livingtime. I have followed the restraint order law for years and it practice in many years. I have heard many stories through the media how unfair it is, while politicians sighs and gets it that abusers has more rights to move freely than the offended. Wish they could wake up from the blindness, but they are like the monkeys that don’t see, speak or hear anything. They know all about money but to safeguard humans …

About Jane Helen

40 year old and single. Have a 15 yr old son that live in England with his father and family there. Got MS and PTSD.
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