Me and Politics

I am not for dragging politics into my blog, but since there is an election comming up this autumn and I want to write what I personaly mean.

First and foremost I am a SV politican myself, #DerforStemmerJegSV: Enviroment, wholeday school, a warm and safe society. Save the Førdefiord. And I too agree mostly to what is in the work program at

Stemmer SV

I don’t like criticize other parties cause then I give them free attention but… I have a hen to pick with FRP. Back in 2010 did Per Sandberg say as a comment to my airing on radioprogram P4 17.30 that «the victims are closest forgotten». You managed to forget your own victim within your won party right afterwards. You have now been sitting in the government for 4 years and still yet done almost nothing for those aggrieved. I mean it is a right to enlighten the public that is going to vote about what kind of attitudes and changes one have to achieve for society that benefits everyone. Do you think it is okay to flush a bunsh of taxpayers money down the toilet? It doesen’t help to take money in to overuse uselessly. A meanigless circle  and the looser is all of us.

So I ask you to use your right to vote. Preferably SV, but you should vote for the party you mostly agree with, or you will contradict yourself and end up chatting and disagreeing that your party isn’t agreeing with you afterall… USE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE ❤ You count just as much as everyone else. It can in the end mean the difference of your party joining or have to stay out of parliament this autumn…

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