A Very Shocking True Story To Read

The author has allowed me to write about her book on my blog. It has been a while since I read it now. But it sticks to someone after reading it. I just hope Lily has found back to some comfort of happiness after it has been a while since it all happend. I know it is though for sure, I have my own horrible story to live with.

«The Girl Nobody Wants» by Lily O’Brien. It is a story that takes place in England and in Ireland. Too many people let her, her siblings and other children around her down. No child should be left with the feeling of not being wanted and unloved.

I just hope society has changed a lot since this story took place. That caring and looking after our children who is our future is way too important to not do. Respect them and love them and do no harm to them.

There excist many stories from around the world where children have been abused and neglected who has been lucky to have survived and able to tell.

This story tells about a very strong survivour and how life keep you going even going through hell.

Get your copy of the book «The Girl Nobody Wants«.

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