Tampers with the human dignity

I want to put this on the edge maybe you can understand the seriousness since my 2 last attempts did fail. Hence my 2 blogposts about:  hus er mer verdt enn et menneske and en terrorist uten kuler og krutt. (I can translate if anyone is interrested to know. Google translate sometimes tells you way too funny stuff rather what is intented to be said.)

Since work is an excuse to continue to offend a human and his human rights to move freely is more rightful than my right to move freely.

There is places where humans can not move freely, I talk about buildings and some shut off places around the world. Why they are shut off, well for security reasons mostly or private property. So why can not offenders be shut off from moving near the persons they have offended?

I am a writer and am writing a book, that is my job for the moment. And as a writer I can in practice work anywhere. So I can use my freedom of movement and ocupy the prime ministers office for about 20 minutes every 2 weeks. Yes because that is my human right to move freely. Why do I absolutley have to go there? Yes because there I can be safe and work in peace because there won’t be any apointments going on while I am there. (This is something that will be objected as it soon be occupied by everyone but the prime minister in the end)…

Why should I accept to be disturbed from living my life freely here where I live? From a terrorising abuser who himself don’t seem to have any form of conscience neither any form of understanding for what he has done towards me and what kind of damages he has caused my body as a human being?

My body is my property and the municipality I live in has to be allowed to be claimed to be private property to move about? Change the laws now and give me and other offended people our human dignity back, and freedom to live in peace in this life. The world is big enough for it. It is talk about one particular place on this gigantic planet.

You are facilitators for humans to be refugees also ethnic Norwegian sitizens with the way the laws are today…

The Norwegian state deprives my human dignity and human rights the way they enforces the Norwegian laws today…

My  suggestion to change the law: endring av besøksforbud loven.

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