My Rolling Pin in disguise

Back in time some few years I was given a security alarm by the police. After some failed episodes they removed it away from me. After some time again my laywer failed to renew the restraining order..  So I figured out I had to get something to protect me when out in the streets. I found a rolling pin would be a great idea to feel safer walking on the street with. Okay yeah crazy! Lol! So I did make a nice army green like cover and pink ribons with hearts on to make it look like a giant sweet caramel.   A few have put their signature on it too:


I first wrote a letter to the minister of law and defence here in Norway. Where I kindly asked for either a person to be my bodyguard and protect me or the license to carry my rolling pin in my handbag. Haha yeah none was aproved. But I then walked into the police office in the town I was living and asked for permisson to carry it around and they told me to gladly carry it, just don’t use it. So for 4 years I carried it around in my handbag.

I once went for a meeting in Oslo and the head chief of police in Norway was attending, I brought the Rolling Pin out of my bag and his eyes lit up in shock. I put it on the table and explained him why. He seemed uncomfortable, but nodded his head in understanding. I too met the minister of law and defence in the hallway of the building, but since he had his child with him I didn’t pick my rolling pin out and ask for any autograph…

I have brought this back out now because I moved town and thought I could move on with my life and live safely here without any interference or disturbance from that bastard that made me carry it in the first place had to show up here through work. And the lawsystem seem to have a hole in it’s security system that allow the psychopath to still harass me being alowed to turn up in my town through work. He has half way been promted to turn up in any other time though. Explain the difference please? He is still showing up here through work, why is that an excuse? His roaming near me causes my body to lock down and I can not move freely around my town. He damaged me that bad. What was the point of putting that restraining order on him then, he is still here in whole person through work?  Norwegian lawsystem has broken down…

About Jane Helen

40 year old and single. Have a 15 yr old son that live in England with his father and family there. Got MS and PTSD.
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