To My Stalker…

I don’t know who you are or whatever you want from me… Man or woman?

Can you reveal yourself? Not in public, but you may respond to this post and I won’t make it public  I only read what you are saying…

Everytime I confront you you run away… ? Scared of what I might say? Scared of what I might do? Scared of rejection? … Well whoever you are you should know by now you can not force love on anyone…

Take the chanse and confront me now, this is your chanse.  I am right here and ready to give of my precious time…

Do you want something from me? … Who knows what happend if we really talk together? … You seem to know a lot about me…. I don’t know you at all (If you are not any of my exes though…)..


About Jane Helen

39 year old. In a relationship. Have a 14 yr old son. Got MS.
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