I’m still around…

It’s been a while since I have written anything here now..

Last months’ event with torch light parade in town on the 19th Nov, world day of prevention of abuse against children. – Will write more soon about this. It did take a lot of my time and effort out of me.

My MS disease don’t keep up so well against the cold anymore :-S I feel tired and drained.. Sleep longer in mornings until noon time.

I be staying home this holidays. Had hoped to see my son, and go to a varmer land to look after myself, but being out of work and having bills to pay, I barly survive.. I held with the dream and wanting to go, but not the last step and doing it… There will be more holidays to come, hopefully a greater chanse to do it as I want to 🙂 Next year I will have my son around again for the holidays 😀

Thanks for still hanging around my blog, I can «see you» 😉

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