Midnight Tustnastabbene 22/23 of June 2012

A group of 30ish people took this climb this night. Watching the sunset and the sunrise in just a few hours. Amazing expereince and most of all just stunning perfect weather 😀

Sleep climbing…

The right way

Break of dawn

I have to add I was walking in the back in the end, people offered to carry my bag and did, but I had to tell them I won’t walk any quicker if they did. So In the end I got it back and walked on. I reached the tops all in time for lunch, sunset and sunrise. It is not the time it takes reaching the top, but that you really do is that counts 😉

I can reccomend this trip that gathers people each year to walk together 🙂 … I can’t say weather will be the same each year, but I was lucky this year!

Thank you all that joined the climb this year 😀 Unforgettable ❤

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