To my suitors <3

My dear son .. you have given mum teasers! Because mommy don’t really want any importunates.. But you want a stepdad.. I can’t just take ONE.. Because it is complicated to to love a man.. And yeah heeh and the man has to love your mom too my dear son ❤

I have a challenge to the ones who wants to try. But you are hereby warned! If you think I am fooling you or find me a though woman to get close to, I am not fooling you. I am actually a though woman to get close to. For those who want to imply I am lesbian you must be walking on a door and your nose get blue, as I do like men. It is the part of being able to trust that is hard, and there is actually things that are important fro ME, but everyne seem to overlook…

1. I have a ridle: Ask me the right question. It hasn't got yes or no as an answer. I carry the answer and you carry the question… To clear this up, there is ONE question I am looking for, but noone has not yet dared to ask it. And I won't deliver it on a sileverplate 😛 I won't say anything more about this case. Just start ask me a bunch of questions.

2. I am a person with a heavy temper inside of me. You have to handle it or hands off 😛 Perhaps you are a firm solider who wants to meet oneself in the door? I have my own bagage with traumas …

3. I look at you as tall and dark haired and am good and round ❤ Honestly I like to have something to hold and grab to. … Blonde guys brings way too many memories of my abuser, I could one morning wake up and start hit you, so perhaps best that the blonde/ light haired don't even try me…

4 … Most important, you HAVE to accept my son and get along with him. Heeh, that is the thoughest challenge. And it is him who wants that mommy should have someone. Mommy herself feels forgotten and walked all over.. But what wouldn't one do for ones child? … Except continue a realtionship with his father, that is MY limit.

5. I have been abused and you have to handle the side effects of it, intimacy isn't quite my thing. It means hard work to make it work. And you have to be strong enough as my poem says. Good luck!

6. … I also have the diseas MS in my luggage. I am lucky to recieve medicines that halter the development of the disease. That means hospital visits once a month..

7. If you just want to go to bed with me then I have to disapoint you, you have to PROPOSE in the right way and get married before you get THAT far 😛 And if you manage to get that far, you won't get me into any religious wedding, no churches, no offices, but under the open blue sky, and I want boots and hat to my dress.

Sooooo my dear suitor, did you get scared off now? Heeh 😉 Wish you best of luck with the courting! ❤ ❤ ❤

Oh yeahhh I can’t forget this one! Kiss my lips or my… 😛

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