In the hospital getting Tysabri

Monday 17th September I went to Molde and to the nevrologic dayunit to get my monthly doze of Tysabri for my MS disease.

It is though getting up and catching the bus. And even thougher heeh, is to remember the urine sample.. As the hospital is in the neighbour town 1 1/2 hr bus drive away. We have hospital in my town too, but it hasn’t got the nevrological unit here.

So I walk for 10 min to get to the hospital, that get my blood rushing in my veins and helps me recieve the medicines easier too. As I won’t need a heat pack to varm my veins up so they easier get the needle set in my veins.

1. I Walk the stairs to 5th floor to get signed into the system. (I can’t go in elevators I go dizzy vizzy doing that, my bloodpressure is a little low)..
2. Then I walk down to 2nd floor and get my blood samples taken. – Problems here is they sometimes have to sting my veins more than once to get the blood out.. :-S
3. So up to 4th floor and find my chair where to sit and recieve the medicines. – Temperatures, bloodpressure and how it has been since last visit gets cheked up on. The needle get set in the arm, that hurt sometimes :-S Oh most important, a toilet visit before the medicines get set in your veins! Then waiting for all blood tests and urine sample results to come and start recieve the medicines wich takes rhoughly an hr, pluss 30 min of salt water. I have to wait for another hr before I am dismissed to leave the hospital. They .. keep us there by not removing the needle in the hand in case of allergy reactions until the last minute before we get dismissed.
4. Sometimes I go back to 5th floor and see my docter at the hospital too. – Once in a while I have these tests where I have to close my eyes and hit my nose.

Here’s a picture taken by one of the hospital nurses:

About Jane Helen

40 year old and single. Have a 15 yr old son that live in England with his father and family there. Got MS and PTSD.
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