Freikollen 1 of 25, 2012

My cooperate group, meaning all the people from the services that are helping me. They have desided I should aim to climb this mountain 25 times this year and get the diploma you get for doing it. Well wish me very good luck.. As I started the climb first on Friday the 27th of July. I missed 2-3 months climbing. I have to hurry :-O

From my window before departure:

The way up 1:

The way up 2:

The way up 3:

The way up 4:

The way up 5:

THE top at last ahead:

The view of Kristiansund from the top:

My lunch:

The way back down 1:

The way back down 2:

The way back down 3:

The way back down 4, Tustna mountains in the background:

The way back down 5:

The way back down 6, hills to climb to get back down too..:

The way back down 7:

The way back down 8:

The way back down 9:

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