MS is a shitty disease!

I don’t like these ups and dows it gives me :-S At the weekend I ran into a “brickwall”. It started last night with dizziness and it kept me awake and sleep was little last night :-S Hence the early morning picture, I am usually asleep around that time..

I tried contact my docter at the hospital, but it was busy there today and I was told she would be left a note to call me back. But no phonecall.. Just allright, as I got better in the evening again and managed to go for a quick short walk down to the Express boat quay and sit on a bench. Fresh air helps a lot.

.. I just hope it will not come back during the night again :-S I don’t want to have another attack again, or worse the frightening PML infection :-S

Idon’t think I ever get over my docter coments that MS is the last disease she would like to have, it is worse than canser and any other :-O .. Cheers and party I say 😛 I am doomed, thanks!

.. But I think I have handled getting the diagnosis pretty well, since I didn’t think about it or worry .. until I got another attack 3 yrs after the diagnose was set. I been busy dealing with the other stuff in my life, which I think is 10 times worse than having MS again.. It is meeting other MS patiens that gets to me hard.. Seeing how they struggle, and them telling me, no good news :-S I am lucky to still not be so affected by it.

I feel like run over by a road roller and survived it more than once. Anymore of them coming?

My docter phoned this morning and left me more confused than ever :-S It is most likely no allergy or MS symptom, even though nausa and dizziness is a symptom to be watch out ? Oh duh, the mystery of the body…

About Jane Helen

40 year old and single. Have a 15 yr old son that live in England with his father and family there. Got MS and PTSD.
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