True Pain

I haven’t experienced war
I haven’t seen anyone die
But I have experienced to be beaten,
spit on, looked up, sexualy abused.
I have experienced people
turning their ears off not to
listen to pain and to understand.
I have experienced pain of
never got the chanse to share
pain in words.
How long do I have to sit here
alone without the chanse to
share pain in words?
When will you listen to true
pain from someones soul?



As you can see I wrote this back in time. It took me a while before I got to talk about my pain. I even gained more pain after this.. When it could had stopped… Noone asked, noone wanted to know… Way too many children and even grown ups experience this pain. So learn from my story, and dare to listen and be the one that wasn’t there for me for someone else ❤

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