Why are we here?

Yeah I wonder too why does humans live and why is the world as it is?

Mankinds development, democracy religions, cultures and lifestyles. Everything affects us in good and bad ways. Things happen and the world changes. In big or small contexts, depending on what happens. Terror, war, nature disasters and the economics context affects the entire planet we live on, anywhere we are.

I want to talk about religion as its one case and say my thoughts around this. No wish to step anyone on their toes, but speak my opinion about the subject. I know a lot of people with different life faiths. It helps them to live life every day and to be good humans, but we all make mistakes through life, therefore one should don’t hide behind a religion to free oneself. Neither seek protection to believe one is a better human behind a religion, wrong is wrong whoever you are. The worst one can do is to cause harm to another human or kill another human…

I believe the man that came to earth 2000 years ago lived for goodness sake, perhaps most to learn humans about life good sides and compassion. At least my impression, and it hurts to see how th world have developed.. One should think we had learned more than we have until now…

All religions brings up the subject kindness and charity, but some has restrictions that says that the male sex has more rights to life than a woman, that is where mankind steps wrong. We are all the same and have all of us has equal rights of freedom and respect.

Perhaps we too easily forgets how many humans that share the same air? More than 6 billion people, roughly 6.800.000.000 individual human beings that share and breaths the same air, (Source amazinghope.net). What if we got to know everyone? :-O In bigger countries we find people with the same name and even looking alike. So an impossible project. There is a few of us that get more known for the public than others through education, work contexts, media and other ways are also world known. On the internet we are all technically connected that of us that uses the net, and it I also the biggest portal for us to get to know each other. But it can never replace or be as the real meeting with people. On the net we can use words and expressions that don’t show in the real life when people meet. (Talking by looong experience in good and bad ways).. One can get impressions of persons that don’t add up with reality. And we get impressions that things are different in reality from the TV world too. .. But mankind affects easily and believes that life actually is like that or should be like that. Just take a look around… Not all of it is healthy, and we lose track and understanding of reality. I honestly have to admit I have been affected, but have become aware of what’s happening. Breaking free from it is easier said than done.. As my traumas have they gone into a track hard to get out from :-S My advice is, be aware and take care of yourself ❤

The fight for existence for all living in good and bad ❤ Travis Tritt sings a song about living today, not as powerful and meaningful as Wenche Myhre, but brings out the point of living:

Here is a good article shared in the newspaper Aftenposten last week that sums up everything mentioned above: (If online translaters works for this then).. That too? In the worlds riches country!

Live life and enjoy it ❤
Fight for YOUR justice! … But tread carefully on your way and don’t bring innocent people with you…
Be humble and ask for help when it’s needed ❤
Here is the sentence I had on my graduation card from High School back in 2000:
“Live today, learn from yesterday and let tomorrow be a good day”.

About Jane Helen

40 year old and single. Have a 15 yr old son that live in England with his father and family there. Got MS and PTSD.
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