Scary parenting

Most of us have by now read or watched TV about this man in the USA that caught his daughter in writing about him on her FB wall in a bad way, (I don’t know what she have written, media don’t pas that on, thanks for that).

I think this is bad parenting behaviour, as parents are to teach their children how to behave in a good way. She must be very scared of his reacting like this. I am afraid how this will follow her after this, and also how other parents think it is okay to be SO loose in use of weapons etc in how to set their grounds in parenting. I understand that this father got very angry and felt very betrayed in her talked about him behind his back. But again then perhaps the parents should blame themself for not have teached their daughter how to communicate, being honest and respectful. She had her rights in expression, but parents and school perhaps need to become more clear about the teaching of freedom of speech and how it affects people.

NOONE can shoot themself to justice, freedom or out of a problem. … Then I should have a qustion, should it be okay for me to shoot my abusers penis off too? …

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