Student again

This week I have started back at studies again. This time I am taking a 6 months course followed with an exam in May. The subject I am taking is business economics. I did have this at college too, but I didn’t pass it last time, due to circumstances of therapy and lack of consentration. Pluss I knew everything before I went in and had the exam, and for some reason everything went blanc on the paper.. I remember the last time I had the exam I wanted to dive into the snow and hide and not take the exam at all so..

This time I am determined to pass it and make it back to the working life! I have survived the abuse, and finally I got belived in and got to stop him.

… It is tough to be back at the school bench. The first day I thought my head had an overload, all I had to take in. But I am taking a web course and have to plan the studies on me own, and setting up a work load I feel I am capable of doing.

Along side this I still be in therapy, go trough dentist treatment, taking MS medicines and trying be the best mother I can be on distance for my son ❤ Pluss I have also been applied for another trauma treatment program, don't know when that will be though.

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