After the event, and my new start with medicines

It was a success, even though of course many more people could had attended, we made a small little parade escorted by the police. We made a stand against the abuse of children and we want to prevent it from happening. No child deserve to experience abuse, but as many as 1 out of 5 does, even today… So we ALL need to do our part to prevent it, by becoming aware of it and dare to stop it!

Coverage in the local newspaper blew me a little off the chair, I thought I would wake up to Moldes golden victory, but it was me leading the parade :-O And a 2 page coverage of the event inside the paper. I just hope people see the children and will help them stop abuse ❤

Thursday last week I started taking new MS medicines. And after 1 minute of infusion like someone turned a light switch on my brain. I have felt a high pressure/ headache for a while and just like that it was all of a sudden gone. Like a high trip, (I don't know how that is like, but it felt like a yo I am so free and so light headed kind of feeling). It does turn people out of a wheelchair so it is real though medication cure to go through. I am happy to be able to take them. .. I never thought I had to begin to say "yes I take medicines", think I will easy forget I do like last time. I was taking needles and saw a docter and was asked if did take anything, I answered as usal, "no I don't", and he corrected me "yes you do, for the MS, what's inside them needles if not"… Oppps..

Right now I feel drained and I have had a lowdown since yesterday, as I got an eyeopener how screwed those people around me were while I was being abused :-O … Plus I also have to start letting go of the fighting inside of me. The fight to get believed in does not have to keep going on anymore, but it isn't easy to just stop after 27 years.. And finally start to just live. Just the thought about it gets me dizzy :-S 27 years, what have I been doing? … Where have people been? …

About Jane Helen

40 year old and single. Have a 15 yr old son that live in England with his father and family there. Got MS and PTSD.
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