Incest should be talked to death, but…

I keep on getting told by docters, psyciatrsist, people that work with abused children and adults and others with same experience that we should talk about our experience, it should be talked to death.

… But what happens when people don’t want to listen, or don’t want to know.. My story is heavy and dreadful, I survived it, I got him sentenced, but I still have to live with the scars and the fact NOONE cared to STOP him even when I talked about and told people about it… They allowed him to continue to abuse me. What kind of world do I live in…

People don’t want to know about incest and the shitty details, because it is beyond beilef what these abusers are capable to do. And fear is also a reason why people don’t want to know. And the sentences they get are so unbeliveable as the acts of these sick abusers. How can the world stand on the side and say it is ok to abuse children?

According the lawbook the he could had 15 years, but was only sentenced to 2 years. What kind of signal is that to send to the world? 20 years of abuse and nearly nothing.. It is MY life, and there is many children that suffers the same.. I hurt not because of myself, but all the other children that goes through the same… It is WRONG! Whoever who feel it conserned do something about it, NOONE deserve to go through this kind of torture…

I want to talk, but who wants to know and listen? …

About Jane Helen

40 year old and single. Have a 15 yr old son that live in England with his father and family there. Got MS and PTSD.
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2 Responses to Incest should be talked to death, but…

  1. Lileana says:

    Know the feeling… I tried too. Nobody wanted to listen. Nobody wanted to hear…

    People can’t handle it, even when children need them to. I will never turn my back on a child. I was that child once, I would never let that happen to someone else, if I knew.
    Because I know the pain and the shame of rejection all too well…

  2. Janne Helen says:

    But it should not just be the ones that knows that should care like that. EVERYONE should. What have happend to the natural spirit to care about each other and especially the innocent children? … We feel like that to the starving children in Africa and other part of the world with war and natural catastrophies??? So what about the suffering children even in the rich developed countries? They are just as much worth as the starving children we see on TV… ❤

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