Have become .com and life goes…

I have bought a .com and looking forward to see who is noosey enough to look me up and leave me a note or two 🙂

… Life goes on after the court case.

– Soon starting new MS medicines once a month treatment, meaning bloods taken, urine samples, a needle and drowsiness.
– Hopefully starting studies for a better future, like wanting to open my own country cafe I need to know things how to.
– Planining the event in my town on the 19th of November, marking of the world awarness day for abused children ❤
– New furnitures in my apartment, out of the boxes and up with order 🙂 … When was that last time? Uhm.. 2001-2003 as a student I had no boxes around me.

The VERY good news, I get to have my son for christmas 😀 ❤ ❤ ❤

I have also FINALLY again got to eat some very dangerously delicious chocolates from Sees Candies 😀 The firts time was in 1996 when my relatives I visited over there in the USA gave me a box of mixed chocolates 🙂 Since then I have always hoped to taste them again 🙂 It has been a very looong 15 years wait, but wow SO worth it 😀 .. For many years I have had a “look but don’t touch” view on their website… How long can you stand it? 😉

And I have also become a member of the Socialist Left Party. Now I have a new agenda and to learn to know the world of politics. To have an opinion and stand for it and hope to make a change. … There is so many parties out there, and even within a party you find different opinions, but NOONE can find their own perfect party, if so we would have just as many parties as there is humans :-S I like the quote “lets agree to disagree and not fight more about it”, (not always, but in cases of war, it is a good outpoint I think).


About Jane Helen

39 year old. In a relationship. Have a 14 yr old son. Got MS.
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