Me, my hat and my boots… And the MS..

Think it is about time I write about why I wear hat and boots. A young girl asked me yesterdy why I was wearing a hat and I have had many reasons to wear it, to her I told the short version. Because it is a nice hat and I like wearing it, instead of sunglasses it also keep the sun out and I can still look at the world as it is. But it also keep my head dry from rain and snow, pluss the hale that showered down yesterday. I have always liked country music and as you all know the cowboys and cowgirls sings country. It has become a part of me and my lifestyle. I started wearing it all the time in January 2010. At the country festival in Seljord I finally bought a pair of brown boots with stars on to complete the look. I also have a bucklebelt with 3 types of bucles to change with.

I have had people in town asking me where my horse is? And I have either just walked away without answering or telling I don’t have any horse, but I love country music. Someone have come up to me and playing around «where is the gun» game.. Well I am not loaded I have another weapon, and shows off my baking pole nicely wrapped. They either have a good laugh or raise their hands and runs off.. (For the baking pole they can ask the police why they say I should carry it around legaly? My lawyer is my witness). And there is those who keep telling me Texas isn’t here, well yes I know, so what?


The MS is still alive and annoying me.. Here one evening all I wanted to do was to cut my left hand/arm straight off! It was very painful, it constantly feels like it is trapped in a door. It was like someone had shut the door, looked it and thrown the key away :-O But the pains keep coming and going :-S

This coming week I will go to hospital and see docters again for posible medication or other treatment. No way I will go back to pins and needles! I can’t stand the marks on my hips after them. I won’t let myself be reminded of my childhood ever again, I am through with that.

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