The Court Case…

16th to 18th of August 2011. Frostating lagmannsrett, Kristiansund.

16th of August. … It was a heavy atmosphere and the pick out of the 10 who was to pledge him guilty or not. It felt like playing bingo. After 27 years of fighting to get believed in… SO many has got to know about it, but I have fought against a wall of disbelief and the clear message: “manage on your own”. With me in the court sat two of my best supporters who has become more like the mother figure in my life.

I am the first to take the stand as the offended and a witness. With me I had the sheets with keywords on so I wouldn’t forget to say anything important. The prosecutor starts to ask me questions about my childhood. After that I start to tell about the years of terror and torture… I fall apart when I have just talked about my 11th birthday and what happened afterwards. ( Just short time before the court case I started remembering dreadful things of abuse, when I am ready I will share with you all what I talked about in the courtroom…). Without my supporters there I am not sure if I would been able to continue that day. After 20 min break I start to tell more. Then we took another brake after a while..

RING RING RING! 110 :-O UNBELIEVEABLE! … Luckily a false alarm, but we all had to exit the courtrooms, luckily it was a brake and not in the MIDLE of a statement.

We all went back indoors and started short time after. Then I had come as far as talking about the abortion when I was 21 years and I saw a psychiatrist at 22 years. Then the last statement about abuse was at 23, before I moved to England in the summer.

Also told about I had been doing since. Having a child, marriage, divorce, work, crisis center etc…


The defendant took the stand in the witness stand … His statement is … His side of the story is something I won’t say anything more about. I was provoked a couple of times, distressed and extremely angry.

I was allowed to comment after his statement, something my lawyer didn’t want me to do, but the judge asked me and I took my chance to have my say. He was quite sure about some years and dates about visitors, and I had proof of these years and dates didn’t add up to his memory. About seasons, like as I moved in the summer and not the autumn to England… Right should be right, therefor a court case.


17 August. … Witness to take the stand is the person who gave birth to the two of us in the case, the defendant and the offended. It became a sad happening, refused to explain herself, but she agreed to be in the courtroom to let the 3 interrigations she had been to got read in the courtroom.

I got called forward to talk about the damages and surviving mechanism I have had because of the abuse. What had happened the last years since I reported him to the police. The stay at the trauma treatment place for sexual abused people at Betania Malvik, and the waiting period for the court case.


The prosecutor then held a declaration about the questions of guilt for the jury that was to withdraw and decide if he was guilty or not in having committed fully intercourse with me before I was 14 years old.


We had a pause for about an hour. Held us close to the courtroom area. I bought the local newspaper of the day and was a bit stunned to read about myself, “Abused sister for 20 years” :-O Is it ME it is written about, or what is it written about here? A little unreal, gets a bit distant from myself in the moment of reading and I am still not quite with it…


In the courtroom the jury comes out of the jury room and back in and sits down on their seats. The jury foreman rises and the defendant has to rise too (I think, didn’t really follow what he was doing). Reads to the court “With more than 6 votes we find the defendant guilty in sexual harassments with the offended”, “ With more than 6 votes we find the defendant guilty in having sexual intercourse with the offended before the age of 14 years”. (The words aren’t quite quoted correctly), but these two points he was found guilty at.

Thank you very much to those who sat in the jury and believed in my statements ❤ For me it is a huge relieve and finally get believed in!

4 of the members in the jury got chosen to sit amongst the judges during the sentencing procedure, the other jury members are allowed to leave the court room.


18 August. … The expert comes in as a witness about the damages I have got and diagnosis I have ended up with, and the future lookouts I have for life and the working life. The diagnoses PTSD and dysthymia (light depression). He believes there is a future to come back to working life and that is a GOAL for me. To always have to live with PTSD I just have to accept.


The sentencing procedure from the prosecutor where she claim 2 years and 6 months in prison :-O …

I knew very well it would be a very low sentencing, after the conversation with her on Monday same week. But I told her straight away what I thought about it. The Norwegian book of the law is a joke! I want to bring the case to the Human right courts in Strasbourg to get my case tried as a human right. It is NOT allowed to torture people and what he did to me was torture. With a book of the law that says black on white: read for yourself § 195 “sentences up to 15 years”, (the law has been recently changed to sentences up to 21 yrs, but he will be taken under the law when this happend). What in the world does a human have to do to get that sentencing? He did EVERYTHING except to kill me! … It is MY human right to fight for MY justice.


24 August. Get his sentencing sent on mail. Sentenced to 2 years in prison where 6 mths. will be done with 2 years probation…

He was also sentenced to pay me 250000 NOK within 14 days of the sentencing has been stated infront of him.

Yes I WON, but I am deeply sad over his sentencing. It is NOTHING compared to EVERYTHING I have been exposed for. THANK YOU VERY MUCH to the Norwegian state that allows torture of children…

About Jane Helen

40 year old and single. Have a 15 yr old son that live in England with his father and family there. Got MS and PTSD.
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