Countryfestival in Seljord

(I apologize for being behind on posting)

From 27th to the 31st of July I went to my first country festival. A dream came true 😀 …

But to begin with I first came to Oslo on the 26th, where I walked in the streets after the terror. It was a bit unreal and a kind of atmosphere I can’t quite describe. All the roses in the streets everywhere and people laying them down with tears and cries. I bought 3 red roses and layed them down outside the church, not on the big field shown on TV, but on the gras filed beside it. I also wrote in the protocol at the univeristy. Walked up to the castle and saw the heartshaped field of roses there too ❤

I also met 3 friends of mine I haven't seen in 12 years. We talked a lot about the old days and we updated eachother with where we been and have done the last 12 yrs. It has been quite a lot! Studies, work, travels, marriage, divorce, children etc..

At Seljord I first was met by a walk around town following signs leading me lost :-S But In the end I finally found the way and got signed in 🙂 Finding my tent site was easy and my neighbours turned out to be great too 🙂 I started packing my tent out and all of a sudden two gentlemen on scooters came around to help me set it up, so it was done in like less than 10 min, that is what I call service! 😀 Didn't expect that to happen!

I went downtown again to buy some water and food. And when I came back I had got a lady stying alone in a tent too right beside me 🙂 We got more neighbours as the days went by. Crowded and music 24-7. But I didn't mind it, it was kind of expected as it is a music festival.

In the evenings I went to the conserts, the 2 first nights I didn't dance at all, just staied and listened to the music. The bands palying was, Richard Magnusson, Gunslingers, Country Sisters, Miss Leslie, Åsmund Åmli Band, Vassendgutane, Tanya Tucker, Sie Gubba og Billy Ray Cyrus.

I had a real cowboy breakfast 2 mornings, baked beans, fried eggs, salad and toast. Also a couple of real cowboy dinners, one made by my neighbours that was very kind to offer it away. I ended up dancing a lot with several people, and the last evening I had to say no thanks to dances, as my feet wouldn't been able to carry me. It was a lifetime experience 😀

I think I will have to go back there 😉

About Jane Helen

40 year old and single. Have a 15 yr old son that live in England with his father and family there. Got MS and PTSD.
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  1. Janne Helen says:

    I will update you all on the court case when I am up to date with my posts as I say to begin with I am behind and will catch up… By the way the court case lasted for 3 days, 16th to the 18th…

    Yes the festival was great! I enjoyed it very much! 🙂 … I did loose handgrip a time or 2 where I feell onto the floor, but I was back up to dance again quite quick. I had to pass a couple of times due to being tired and my legs didn’t want to carry me up.

    It was strange being there and leaving the baking pole at home for this trip. After the terror I was thinking diferent and expreeinced people diferent too. I let myself give them a chanse, even though deep within it was though. I am pushing myslef so I can get back to a life without and not being so filled with angsiety. … With the crowd and the drunks, it is a part of festival life wich I was total aware of would be. I had no problems with them.

    For me the festival experince was a challenge to how I would hadle to be on me own amongst sooo many people and not knowing anyone of them. Also was the big build up to the court case.

    I am now at 3 weeks trauma treatment again, just for a breathing space.

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