The last count down… Hopefully…

11 days, 281 hours, 16 thousand minutes and 1 million seconds left :-S … That is less than the 8 million seconds it all started counting down from this spring.

Like an octopus with 8 arms holding around you and drawing it towards it. Can’t escape it, and if I don’t turn up, I am the one who get jailed for contempt of the court. I do NOT want to be there, but I have to…

Haven’t he stolen enough? Now my son is the one who is paying for not having his mom around, because she don’t know how to handle life. Thanks to all this! Who can call this normal? …

Better be the last time, no more appealing, no more courtrooms…

About Jane Helen

40 year old and single. Have a 15 yr old son that live in England with his father and family there. Got MS and PTSD.
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