Because of her and…

My boundaries been so torn apart because of her, (the woman who gave birth to me, and I don’t use the M word for her, because she never been that to me). Try imagine how it’s like to be told «I love you» and smash! ??? I learned to be indiferent because of her… It scared the hell out of me becoming a mother myself and staying with a rapist. I got it all dobbled up… He is better off without me right now, I have to sort the rights from wrongs and place blame. Most of all I am braking the circle of the pain she caused me, I won’t be hitting my son with a baking spoon, NEVER! … But I am now carrying a roling pin in my handbag to protect myself when I am walking on the street… So where has she led me to become like?

Then there is the bunch of my traitors too…

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