Nameday celebration and…

Nameday celebration
Tuesday 21st of June I celebrated my first nameday as Janne Helen. Helen has nameday 21st of May, and Janne has 21st of July, so I took the freedom to let them meet in the midle and celebrate it together 😀 I had planned an outdoor barbeque in the park in town, but the rain had to spoil it 😛 So I took the barbeque in my citchen oven instead and I had friends coming round between 4 and 10 PM. I had a fantatsic day 😀 Thanks a lot to all who I met that day ❤

… And to those who still use just Janne as my name when talking to me… I will soon start something new to make you remember ME as Janne Helen… Watch this space…

MS medication…
I have managed to get complete needle angsiety :-O Not able to pin that needle… I had to seek help from the docters emergency office in the hospital. Now I have to get help from them until I go to hospital in Molde to change the medication in early July. I don’t want to scare my fellow patients with MS away from pinning the needle. Bear in mind I have a history of the abuse in my life. This is my body who is reacting and saying FULL STOP! Unable to do it… 😦 It does get to me, but I can’t force myself to do something I am unable to do. That would be to abuse myself all over again, from of what he did to me… I can’t take that anymore! … I know I need the medication to avoid ending up as a handicapped in wheelchair…

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