PC programming course and … FarmTown … MS medication

Pc Programming Course
I have been busy the last weeks doing a PC programming course. Most of the people in the class are newbies to the use of them and me who have used PC since 1998 knows most of it from before. But luckily I have learned a lot of easy tequnikes to work quicker during this course.

Most of all I am grateful to be amongst all these people to learn. There is MEN in the class too, and I am suriving! 🙂 I am surprisingly surprised how well the class work together and how mature all are 😀 Must be the best ever class I been in!!! 😀


FarmTown on FaceBook, a game I am playing. Building my own farm, having neighbours, plowing, fishing, harvesting, sending gifts to increase the farm ability. Helping other farmers and neighbours out with their farms too. Lately I have upgraded it and got plenty of new neighbours and almost got addicted to it :-S … I have to slooow down, as I have plenty of other things I can do in life too! 🙂

Have a look at my farm:

Turtle Farm

Janne Helen’s facilities

Janne Helen’s Home

There is 2 more farms, but just for harvest and plowing this far. Until now the most amount of farms one can have is 9.


MS Medication
The MS medication I am taking is getting more frequent now. I am down into every 3rd day, then it will become every other day :-S I haven’t felt so very much affected with the flu symptoms as I experienced when I was in hospital. But I have become more drousier and annoyed with the thought I HAVE to do this to myself! Never in my life would I have thought I would end up as a needle pinner on myself :-O …

I have to breath a couple of times before I manage to pin the needle, even if it is the help of the pen… I don’t feel the pinning, just afterwards it stings and I have a icepad I can use. (Just that I keep forgetting to put it in the fridge…).

To be continued….

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