MS and medication 2

I have now been to hospital and learned how to take my medication by needles and a needlepen.

I picked up easy the instructions and how to take it. I desided to also try the injection by saltwater so I could learn how to pin the needle without the pen too in case I have too.

The saltwater injection went well to pin in, but it wasn’t deep enough so it all bubled back up…. I have to make sure that if I have to do it again to pin it deeper in. The pen wasn’t so bad, I just had to breath and build myself up to be able to do it, but I could had just ran out of there for a second… I did it in the end, it wasn’t as painful as the other needle. I will increase the frequency to everyother day. Just have to see how it all goes…

It works like you make the needle ready, set it inisde the pen and inject by pressing it to the skin and press the button on the pen.

The side effects is flu like symptoms, but by taking it by night you easy sleep it off again to the next morning. Just maybe in help of a pankiller or two.

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