My MS and medication

I went to see the docter in hospital Thursday and we talked about starting taking medication by injections :-O … Luckily they have developed it so much ot is a similar pen like the diabetes patients use so it won’t be too bad, and I think I should handle it and manage do it myself, as I have to take them everyother day :-S It would be too though having to need help for that.

I could just wish they could transplant my arm and give me a new one instead 😛 … But I am glad we are not disposable, because robot life ain’t no life to live! (Even though I sometimes felt like one during all the years of abuse..).

It is annoying having this stretchiness in my left arm. I can only hope my mobile phone will last until I can afford a new one. After all the drops to floor and the crash in wall after I lost it from my hand due to the strengthloss in my left hand I find it surprising it is still alive and ringing. Pluss there is alot of other small annoying little things with the MS aswell… I have mentioned them before so no replay.

I will have to stay 2 days in hospital to learn how to use this pen and set the medication correctly. That is awaiting next for a letter to come through the mail.

I hope my legs will carry me up so I can climb mountains at least, as work is out of the question right now… At leat joining in a basic course in Windows office pack, through nav. Will get me far in a future job I hope.

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