Cocoabuns with marshmallows

I took the freedom to make my own recipe as this one I couldn’t google. I wanted to find out how buns with cocoa and marshmallows tasted so I gave it a try last night. Prepared for disaster I was stunningly surpries it worked out well 🙂 I was kind of worried I would blow up my oven, but phew, I only made a lot of vulcanos inside it instead, as almost all of the buns bursted. Anyway it tasted good 😀 I can reccomend to make the buns without the marshmallows inside too. I just took the recipe I had for buns with chocolate inside, added some cocoa to it and swopped the chocolate with marshmallows. Yummm 😀 Here’s the pictures of the progress:

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  1. Janne Helen sier:

    I don’t think so as I am not that effective, pluss my MS is hampering me in my hands… But I enjoy making these goodies at home anyway 🙂 I have other plans for what can be done at work. I have an apointment next week about what I can be able to do or not, maybe a course in computing programs so I can use my skills in work relation that way. Later on I will work my way back to travel and tourism as that was my goal to work with to begin with.

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