The countdown

Yes I have started the coundown to the courtcase in August, and you can anytime follow the time on the countdown timer for Frostating Lagmannsrett – Kristiansund —> On my sidebar there is a link.

8.8 million seconds is a LOT of seconds :-O Feels like an eternity… But 140000 minutes are more countable and it does not feels so far away. 2400 hours still feels veeeryy far away though :-S 101 days… It should had been TODAY 😛

I have signed the paper today that I will meet in the courtroom on the 16th of August. That also makes me posible for prosecution if I fail to be there, unless a reason accepted by the court. I suddenly feel like a criminal even though I haven’t done anything. I understand why it works like this though as there is many cases in que in the system so it should be strict to keep a high security level for the security for the victims in all cases. I know what it means to have to wait to get the apointment in the courtsystem…

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