Thanks to those that attended!

Firstly I would like to give thanks to the people who attended at Piren wednesday. Since we didn’t have any visible event outdoors, we did gather around the big poster inside the shopping center and place our hearts with our names in on the poster. Something that is posible throughout this month. Feel free to write your name on the poster itself with colourful pens. The more that stands up and suports these children the better.

What I wanted to achieve with this event was to cause awarness to the hughe amount of children who each year get sexualy abused only here in this country, 50000 in Norway alone. We have to dare to see them, dare to care about them and dare to stop the abuse when we get to know about it. Dare to believe them when they are telling you about it. I myself did tell to an ex amount of people, but they didn’t dare to believe in me, I was a liar to them. I don’t believe children can lie about these things. The most important thing must be to catch what they are trying to talk about, because these children don’t know the describing words of an abusing act like grown ups do.

Children have a right to feel safe within its’ own home. Playing and having fun. Not having to be afraid of having a bath, afraid to eat, afraid to sit on mummy or daddys lap, afraid to go to sleep, afraid to get dressed or undressed, afraid to cumb their hair or afraid of noises, yes afraid of anything at all.

Dare to talk about good and bad touches with your child. Teach them to let grown ups know if something feels wrong, or if they get told to keep bad secrets, because neither children or grown ups are allowed to have them. This to teach the children about their right to feel safe.

Dare to talk about this and dare to listen when someone is talking about it. Children has a right to feel safe at home and out amongst people.

I have to admit that what I was exposed for as a child isn’t anything people really want to talk about or even show their public suport for. But not any child deserves to experience what I have. I’m thinking about them with soreness and compassion, because they are not alone, but the grown ups don’t seem to want to care enough about this.

50000 children is a whole lot of children. They are all Norwegians and they have just as much right to be protected and feel safe at home as orphanchildren in development countries. They too experience abuse because it happens everywhere in the world, but we must remember to fight for children in Norway too can be safe. All children is equaly worth. Dare to see them and dare to care about them as a compassionate human being.

Thanks to Tidens Krav for posting it. Thanks to SMISO (Senter against incest and sexual abuse) for sponsoring the posters. And all the people who read this and can make a difference in a childs life ❤

About Jane Helen

40 year old and single. Have a 15 yr old son that live in England with his father and family there. Got MS and PTSD.
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