Times goes quicker

I am so happy to manage to put all this together on next wednesday 18.00 😀

I have been all around town and hung up posters to spread awarness and hope people start to think when seeing it and join in the train, hearing me speech and lit candels for the abused children ❤ Pluss place a heart with their own name on the big poster in det shopping senter close by ❤

I am doing this for the abused children, the 50000 way too many and the other abused all together in Norway alone that get abused each year.

This gives me something useful to do with my time being signed off ill. I have not choosed to be ill, this is a result of what he did to me through all them years, and I have had to start talking and dealing with my past so I can be able to have a liveable future, one day… This also makes time go quicker until the courtround number two in August. He should had been in jail allready.

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