Have been ill… Have a plan…

I got very stressed out last weekend from the politicians case that was brought up through media. I was so stressed out I got ill from it. All the way to hospital with stomach pain, back ache and passing blood from my bowels. There were an x amount of docters examining me… I was a chaos patient due to my past of the abuse… I had a hard time calming down and so when they pushed on my stomach area it did hurt everywhere :-S I tried calm down and consentrate breathing and feel… I also had to refuse an examination due to the abuse. I was scared, not allowed to eat or drink in case of surgery, but thankfully I got breakfast the following morning and signed out. … But waiting for 2 hrs for a taxi ride that took less than 5 min :-S Close to sign back in after sitting on them chairs waiting that long…

I staied at home and rested until friday when I finally went out for a walk in fresh air again 😀 After 3 days looking on the blue sky and sunny weather beig stuck indoors, it was wonderful to be out again 😀 … I hope a similar feeling will occure in me the day HE is put behind bars for REAL.

In the meantime I have come up with a plan that I hope will take off and leave a mark in history ❤ I will come back to this when I have got all the nessesarry permits… 😀

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