To report and working with the police… And the politician…

When you take the step and report an abuser then you don’t make it easy for people involved. But when they complain about little resources then I have to ask. How could they interrigate a person and confront that person about mathers found in the interrigation of me, before they interrigate me? … Is this efficiency? I haven’t abused myself, it was them (my parents) who placed me in the bathtub and SAW it themself what he was doing and LET him continue, I did TELL them… Denial… Read also about my traitors.

The Frp party work with the same norms as THEY did, “THEY” are my parents. Frp is in the parliament to deside laws and legislations in Norway, but when Sandberg also comments to the “Karina” case (my case in newspaper and radio show), and get the question, “What is happening in society when such things can happen over such long period, without anyone stopping it?” … Now has he gone into his own trap and known about what had happend within his own party, and with good consiousness say this as a comment to what I told on the radio show at channel P4 17.30 15th November 2010.

“The victims are nearly forgotten, think it is sinister conserns in conditions to the rule of law”.

… Was he thinking about following up this within his own party? … VERY much conserned! What about the victims there?

… I can add to this that as a student in Lillehammer I were inside the policestation there a couple of times, but didn’t get to speak to someone. The first time I was there I sat and waited for an officer to questioning me, but he never came so had to come back another time. The day after I sat for some hours, but it was so cold and shilly at the policestation I was freezing and noone seemed to care so I just left. It just continued that way…

But NOONE can opose I haven’t said anything or tried to say anything or try get an end to it, because that is what I was trying to do. I even put a newly sharpened pencil up in his butt without even him or the docter put an end to the abuse…

EVERYTHING isn’t just my responsibility in this mather. Because people around me that got to know could easily come along to the police station to report the abuser. That happend AFTER I had desided to report him anyway that week he was reported.

In my case the whole society has let me down and still continues… But I am NOT alone to be abused, THINK about it over 50000 children in Norway alone under 18 years get sexually abused every YEAR. About time Norway wakes up and try do something about IT!

About Jane Helen

40 year old and single. Have a 15 yr old son that live in England with his father and family there. Got MS and PTSD.
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